Sermon Outline 1. Sleepless in Philippi 2. Shaking all over 3. I chose freedom - not 4. Stop, in the name of love 5. Go! “We’ll go, but not yet"

Mission in Action

June 13, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. Don’t be surprised if God tweaks the details of our planned mission (v6-8) 2. Help where help is sought (v9) 3. Be willing to accept others who…
Sermon Outline: 1. Numbers Count 2. The Books Between the Bookends 3. Numbers Count, But Where Are Our Bookends 4. The Books Between Our Bookends

Beautiful Feet

January 24, 2021
Sermon Outline: Point 1: Factors contributing to a manpower problem Point 2: What constitutes a gospel minister? A. Call/gifting B. Conviction C. Competency D. Character E. Confirmation