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MAIN POINT Understanding the doctrine of the Decrees of God not only comforts the believer, but gives understanding of how the sovereignty of God works out in the grand scheme…
Sermon Outline 1. Luke – a credible journalist 2. There is movement at the temple 3. The gospel – it’s supernatural 4. The hills are alive with the sound of…

Consequences of Division

October 3, 2021

Sermon Outline: Introduction Explanation of Text Lessons: 1. God is sovereign in history 2. The writing is on the wall for all nations and individuals who oppose God. 3. There…

Useful, useless, useful

September 19, 2021
Sermon Outline useful useless useful
Sermon Outline 1. Sleepless in Philippi 2. Shaking all over 3. I chose freedom - not 4. Stop, in the name of love 5. Go! “We’ll go, but not yet"
Sermon Outline: Topic: The Trinity of God (various Bible passages) 1. The Definition... -Defining the Character of God... -Definition of  The Trinity... -Common Questions… 2. The Distinctions... -Ontological Trinity... -Economic…
No sermon outline available for this sermon.
Sermon Outline: 1. God is sovereign over all. 2. God holds all people accountable for their lives. 3. God graciously calls sinners to faith and repentance.
Sermon Outline: Main Idea - How a person acts, thinks, talks or worships in their life depends upon their view of the Holy Scriptures as well as the practice and…

The God of all Comfort

July 25, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. Comfort's beginning 2. Comfort's giving 3. Comfort getting 4. Comfort sharing

True Leadership

July 18, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. God in the Dock (v1-5) 2. God on the Rock (v6-8) 3. God with His Flock (v9-13) Moses Crack it The nature of the offence 4. God's…
Sermon Outline: 1. A tortured soul, in every way 2. What's this, a demon telling the truth? 3. Free at last 4. The gospel sparks economic change 5. Accustations, accusations

Waiting on God

July 4, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. Knowing God; on whom we are waiting (ch11:33-36) 2. How we are to wait for GOD (ch12:1-2a) 3. Results of knowing and waiting for GOD (ch12:2b)
Sermon Outline: The Church at Smyrna had: 1. A concern - its sufferings - sufferings caused by daily hardships - sufferings because of poverty - sufferings caused by persecution -…

Mission in Action

June 13, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. Don’t be surprised if God tweaks the details of our planned mission (v6-8) 2. Help where help is sought (v9) 3. Be willing to accept others who…

Faith vs Fear

June 6, 2021
Sermon Outline: MAIN IDEA: God wants his people to believe in his promises by faith and occupy the Kingdom of God in this world and the next. 1. Seeing Is…
Sermon Outline: 1. Background to the exile 2. Certainty and uncertainty for the exiles 3. The promise and the problem 4. Problem solved
Sermon Outline: 1. The bankruptcy of human wisdom 2. Identity of the four worldly kingdoms 3. Identity of the rock cut without hands 4. Reason God gave this dream to…

Are We There Yet?

May 16, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. What is our response to Jesus appearance? 2. What is our response to Jesus ascension?
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