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SERMON OUTLINE 1. Jesus amazingly BEGAN his church by saving humans, all very different yet functional like a physical body - ‘I urge you to walk in a manner worthy…
Sermon Outline: 1. Paid his vows 2. Salvation belongs to the Lord 3. The people, not the king 4. Who knows, perhaps?

Exposition of Mark 6

March 13, 2022

Jonah’s certainty

March 5, 2022
Sermon Outline: 1. Flee? 2. Possible motivations 3. Sensibility and Sense 4. Certainty

Jesus, demons and pigs

February 27, 2022

Jesus building His church

February 13, 2022
Sermon Outline 1. base stones 2. grace stones 3. temple stones – with Christ the Chief Cornerstone

GPCM Service of Thanks

February 6, 2022
Sermon Outline 1. Every blessing? It comes from God (v15-16, 20) 2. It’s good to return thanks and praise (v 1-3, 10) 3. It’s also good to pass it on…
Sermon Outline 1. Jesus prayed (v25-26) 2. Jesus’s sovereign authority (v27) 3. Jesus’s invitation (v28-29) 4. Jesus’s yoke (v30)
Sermon Outline Introduction 1. Explanation of the contents of Daniel’s 2nd vision. 2. Daniel’s vision reveals the presence of Dark Powers in the world. 3. The Christian’s responsibility to put…

The Red Sea Journey

January 15, 2022

Acts 1:1-11

January 2, 2022
SERMON OUTLINE 1. Between 2. Refresher 3. Commands 4. Motives unknown 5. Challenging job description 6. The ascension 7. And
SERMON OUTLINE What this vision teaches us about God Explanation of the vision 1. God's sovereignty 2. God's eternity 3. God's plurality of persons 4. God's graciousness

How well do we hear?

December 19, 2021
Sermon Outline: 1. Jesus tells a simple parable (everybody knows it) 2. What does it mean? (Jesus explains what it means) 3. And what does it mean to us? (having…
Sermon Outline 1. The Time (v1-2) 2. The Census – state of origin (v3-5) 3. The Birth (v6-7) 4. The shepherds (v8-14) 5. The confirmation (v15-20) 6. The naming (v21)…

Jonah 1

November 28, 2021

MAIN POINT: Since God as Creator is the explanation for the existence of the world and for human existence, it is the activity of creation that establishes our deepest and…
Sermon Outline 1. God (again) comes to an under-dog 2. Startling news 3. “Outsiders” share good news
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